News: Downtime on 27/04/2024

Published: 27/04/2024


1.00PM - Detected down time.

2.00PM - Identified /tmp folder is having read only access. It needs to be writeable for our DNS server to run. DNS is what makes your resolves to your hosting.

3.00PM - Attempt to replace the image of /tmp into another folder from /usr/tmpDSK failed. We are exploring another alternative.

3.44PM - Server is now up. We have redirected the /usr/newtmpDSK as our temporary measure and the service is now all up.


Prevention Going forward:

As we noticed there are too many downtime for only server, we are now installing 2 new server and will prepare a migration for our customer who is using this server.

We will whatsapp all related user for any migration that we will be doing first. In case you did not agree, we will not migrate it and you will stay in the current server.